Academic Planning Unit

Dr. John Ldama

Director Academic Planning Unit


The Academic Planning Unit is responsible for promoting the control and development of academic programmes and the quality of teaching and learning in the University, as well as collation of information and coordinating the conduct of research. The Unit is responsible for preparing and revising the Academic brief of the University, for evaluating proposals for new academic programmes, departments and faculties and their submission to the Academic Planning Committee and Senate. The Unit is also responsible for monitoring and maintaining academic standards through periodic curriculum review and quality control assessment. The Unit is headed by a Director and assisted by two other staff.

The Academic Planning Unit has the mandate to initiate academic innovations within the University that will make teaching, learning and research meaningful and result oriented. Such innovations include development of research policies, internal quality control and staff development.

For achieving these goals, the Unit is in constant contact with University Management, Senate, Physical Planning and Development Department (PPD) in order to meet the University’s current and future programmes. Similarly, the Unit is in frequent contact with the Bursary Department on budget development and estimates. In addition, frequent contacts are maintained with the Library and academic Faculties and Departments.


The Academic Planning Unit (APU) functions to meet the requirements of the National Universities Commission (NUC) with a view to discharging the following responsibilities:

  • Development of Academic Brief and long-term Academic Planning for the University in line with the NUC guidelines and the University policies.
  • To serve as a liaison unit with the NUC in planning related matters, budgetary allocations, provisions and analysis.
  • Collection, collation, analysis and application of statistical data from within and outside the University to assist in formulation of University plans and policies.
  • Preparation of budgetary documents for the yearly budget presentation to the Government of Adamawa State in conjunction with the bursary and Director of Physical Planning and Development.
  • Preparation of applications and documents to the NUC for approval to run and accreditation of programmes.
  • Collating information on and coordinating the conduct of Tertiary Education Trust Fund – funded research activities and academic staff training and development.
  • Providing strategies for academic linkage between the University and external bodies both local and foreign.


The Academic Planning Unit has the following staff:

Management Staff
  • Director: John Ldama

The Director is responsible to the Vice – Chancellor, He ensures that staff performs their duties by promoting effective leadership for the attainment of the unit objectives.

  • Deputy Director: Bashir Hammangabdo

The Deputy Director is responsible to the Director in the discharge of his functions. He holds brief for the Director in his absence. He assists the Director in the discharge of the unit’s responsibilities. He also serves as desk officer for University Linkages and Advancement.

  • Planning Officer: Mohammed Sali

The Planning Officer is responsible to the Director in carrying out his functions and duties which includes:

  1. Maintaining statistical data on student’s enrolment and staff turnover and training.
  2. Analysis of University annual and trend statistics.
  • Maintaining frequent contact with departments for update records on academic staff workloads and research output.
  1. Monitoring quality assurance by alerting dire concern in teaching and research activities and equipment.
  2. Serve as secretary to the following committees
  3. Academic Planning committee,
  4. University Accreditation Committee,
  5. Linkage and alumni.
  6. TETFund Desk Officer.
Secretarial Staff
  • Confidential Secretary: Mr. Audu Male

The Confidential Secretary is responsible to the Director in carrying out his functions and duties which includes:

  1. Keeping confidential correspondence, reports and other documents related to Academic Planning Unit.
  2. Handling mail and correspondence of the office.
  3. Assisting the Director in preparation of reports and document by gathering and organizing data.
  4. Responding to routine requests for information.
  5. Supervise part-time clerical assistants assigned to the office.
  6. Displaying ethical and professional behaviour in working with everyone who communicates or is associated with the office.
  7. Protecting confidentiality of records and information
  8. Performing any duties and responsibilities as assigned by the Director.
  • Senior Clerical Officer: Madam Rifkatu

The Clerical Officer is responsible to the Director in carrying out his functions and duties which includes:

  1. Performing routine clerical duties
  2. Assist in training subordinate staff.
  3. Taking charge of small registry correspondence or records