Department of

Fisheries & Aquaculture


The department was established in August 2005, following the demerger of the pioneer Department of Animal Production and Aquaculture. The department is presently situated at a complex.

Philosophy and Objectives
The Bachelor of Fisheries and Aquaculture programme has similar objectives to the Bachelor of Agriculture programme. In addition, the programme is aimed at producing high level manpower for the for the freshwater and marine fisheries industry as well as the emerging aquaculture industry. Such graduates would function as agents of change promoting increased productivity while ensuring sustainability, and able to impart knowledge of improved technologies to traditional fishermen and fishing community scattered along Nigeria’s coastal regions and inland rivers and lakes.

Research Themes


  • Genetic improvement of crops, livestock and fish
  • Farming systems research
  • Sustainable agriculture and resource management
  • Socio-economic and extension research
  • Food processing and post-harvest technology
  • Animal nutrition, feeds and feeding
  • Animal health
  • Agricultural biotechnology

The University farm is spread over a number of farm sites around Mubi:

S/NFarm nameLocationLand area (ha)Farming activity
 1. Teaching and Research Farm Gidan Madara, Mubi 746
  • Student’s Farm Practical
  • Poultry Farm
  • Rabbitry
  • Sheep and Goats Farm
  • Research farms
  • Pasture development farm
 2. FAO/TCP Farm Mubi 7
  • Mango
  • Date palm
  • Gum Arabic
  • Citrus
  • Cashew
3.Mayo Bani farmMayo Bani30
  • Cropping schemes
  • Irrigation schemes

Departmental Courses

Departmental Staff