Faculty of


Prof. Alfred D. Mshelia (Dean)

Brief History the Faculty of Science and Science Education

The Faculty of Science, Adamawa State University was established in 2002/2003 Academic Session at the takeoff of the University in January 2003. The Faculty commenced with Six (6) Departments namely Biological Sciences, Chemistry, Geography, Mathematical Sciences, Physics and Science Education.

The Faculty was first located on the main campus behind the School of Postgraduate Studies opposite the University Main Library. After Nine (9) years of operation some of its Laboratories Biological Sciences, Chemistry and Physics were moved to the new Faculty of Science Complex during the 2012/2013 Academic Session.

The founding Dean of the Faculty is Prof. M. Y. Balla (Ph. D Mathematics). Prof. Balla’s contributions to the founding and organization of the Faculty is still been experienced many years after, being a Teacher and a Father figure to most of the young Lecturers at inception, the beginning was smooth and a dynamic template for the growth of the young Faculty was laid.

Other eminent gentlemen and lady who piloted the affairs of the Faculty afterwards are as follows:





1.Prof. M. Y. Balla    (Founder)Ph D Mathematics


2.Dr. E. A. GayaPh D Biological Sciences


3.Dr. G. M. WajigaPh D Computer Science


4.Prof. D. JiboyewaPh D English Education


5.Dr. J. T. BarminasPh D Chemistry


6.Dr.  Mrs.) M. TarfaPh D Biological Sciences


7.Prof. Madu SheriffPh D Biochemistry


8.Dr.   Ibrahim SaiduPh D Geography


9.Dr.  Oliver I. MaiteraPh D Chemistry


10.Dr. Moses Z. ZaruwaPh D Pharmacy

2012 to date


The Faculty of Science was established to pursue the following objectives:-

  1. To achieve teaching and research, produce disciplined men and women sufficiently equipped with the appropriate skills, knowledge and to transform the social, economic and physical environment for improving the lives of the generality of the people of University Community, the State and the Country at large.
  2. To uphold and foster equal opportunities within the society and to promote understanding among the Academic Staff Members from other Faculties within the University and outside of it.
  3. To create a conducive atmosphere for the pursuit of Academic excellence.
  4. To harness the abundant human resources of the State for promotion of Technological requirement by the State and the Country as a whole.
  5. To develop and teach appropriate programmes which will gradually meet the aspirations of the State and the entire Country.
  6. To provide equal opportunities to students of Adamawa State towards accessing qualitative Education needed for the development of the State and the Country.

However, the overall objective of the Faculty of Science is to pull together the diverse minds and nurture potential talents for exploitation of the tremendous resources of the Adamawa State.

The Faculty currently awards degrees in the following Departments with Eight (8) programmes in all:

  1. Department of Biological Sciences (B. Sc Botany & B. Sc Zoology Programmes)
  2. Department of Chemistry (B. Sc Chemistry Programme)
  3. Department of Geography (B. Sc Geography Programme)
  4. Department of Mathematical Sciences (B. Sc Mathematics & B. Sc Computer Science Programmes)
  5. Department of Pure & Applied Physics (B. Sc Physics & B. Sc Physics with Mathematics Programmes)
  6. Department of Science Education (B. Sc (Ed) Biology, Chemistry, Geography, Mathematics and Physics)


The Faculty of Science was renamed to its present name during the 2012/2013 Session.

The future of the Faculty of Science and Science Education is very bright considering the giant strides achieved so far from its inception. One of such worthy of note is the feat achieved in the training and development of man power by the administration of the incumbent Vice-Chancellor Prof. Alkasum Abba, between 2007- date (2013).

As at 2007, when Prof. Abba took over the helm of affairs in the University, the number of Ph D holders who were tenure staff in the Faculty was Four (4) only. However, as a result of the change in policy and a redefinition of the focus, especially with regards to man power development, the Faculty has almost quadrupled the number, while about six times that number are expected to conclude their Ph D programmes (both home and abroad) in the next two sessions.

A similar feat was also recorded in the other cadre of staff who have been trained from the rank of Graduate Assistants to the rank of Assistant Lecturers (B. Sc to M. Sc).The staff strength of the Faculty also doubled from inception to date by the conversion of Tutors from the School of Remedial and Basic Studies to fully fledged University Academic Staff and the employment of newer hands from other Tertiary Institution such as Collage of Educations and Polytechnics etc. Academic staffs have had enormous exposures by attending Workshop and Seminars both home and abroad.

The Faculty of Science and Science Education has moved on in its vision to accomplish set goals by the approval for the establishment of two (2) new Departments namely: The Department of Biochemistry which will be a unit in the Department of Chemistry and The Department of Computer Science which will be budding from the Department of Mathematical Sciences.

Furthermore, a new Faculty of Medical Sciences has also been approved.
The Faculty of Science and Science Education will play a significant role in its take off and development.

Thank You.