Information and Protocol Unit

Mr. Belmon Benson

Information and Protocol Officer


The information and protocol unit is one of those units directly under the Vice-Chancellor’s supervision. It is responsible to the Vice-Chancellor. It is the public relations and information dissemination outfit of the university. The unit assists and advice the vice-chancellor on building the university’s external image and communications.
It is responsible for the following:

  1. Maintaining relations with the press and other news media.
  2. Hosting official visitors and visits.
  3. Disseminating within the university information of importance and interest to the university community.
  4. Providing means whereby general inquiries form inside and outside the university can be quickly and effectively answered.


ADSU Bulletin is a Bi-monthly publication of the university that disseminates information to members of the university community. It compliments effective information flow from management to staff and from faculties, schools and units to others.
The unit is headed by Information and Protocol Officer, who is usually a senior non academic staff of the university. There are other support staff comprising of an Audio visual technologist, a confidential secretary, and other staff on industrial attachment. The unit also has a five-man Editorial Board with Dr. M. D. Toungos as Chairman.

The following are the Staff of Information and Protocol unit :

    • Mr. Belmond Benson     –           SAR Information & Protocol
    • Mrs. Anna Ishaku             –           Audio Visual Technologist
    • Mr. Shadrach Paul           –           Industrial Attachment