Faculty of


Prof. Haruna Ezekiel Shehu (Dean)


Adamawa State University was established on the 22nd of January, 2002. Academic activities commenced during the 2002/2003 session with three pioneer faculties of which Faculty of Agriculture was one.

The Faculty of Agriculture started with two Departments. They were the Department of Crop Production and the Department of Animal Production. The Department of Crop Production was later renamed Department of Agronomy and is presently known as the Department of Crop Science.

Initially the Department of Fisheries and Aquaculture was housed in the Department of Animal Production. However it became an independent Department in 2005/2006 academic session. The Department of Agricultural Economics and Extension was established in August, 2005

The Faculty has five farms located in and outside Mubi town.
Table 1: Farms of Faculty of Agriculture


Farm Name


Land Area, ha

Farming Activity

1.Gidan Madara FarmMubi746Students’ farm Practice Poultry RabbitrySheep & Goat Research Pasture
2.FAO/TCP FarmMubi5Mango Date palm Gum ArabicCitrus cashew
3.Mayo Bani FarmMayo Bani30
  • Cropping scheme
  • Research
4.Michika FeedmillMichika5
  • Livestock Feed production
5.Poultry Production UnitYola10
  • Poultry Breeding
  • Egg Production
  • Broiler Production

Academic staff and students use the farms for teaching and research.

A block of state-of-the-art laboratories was constructed for the Faculty during the 2004/2005 academic session for teaching and research. The component laboratories as the follows:

  • Nutrition and Meat Science Laboratory
  • Animal Physiology and Aquaculture laboratory
  • Crop Production and Crop Protection Laboratory, and
  • Soil Science Laboratory.