Information and Protocol Officer



Following the decision of the Senate to close the Students registration Portal and commence enforcement of the payment of TEN THOUSAND NAIRA usually charged as late registration, it has come to the notice of Management that some Students are spreading false information with regards to the payment.

To this effect, Management wishes to state for the records as follows;

1.  The policy to charge TEN THOUSAND NAIRA as late registration fee after officially closing the portal has been in place before the inception of this current Management

2.  Payment of late registration fee after closing the portal is a practice that exist in other sister institutions around the country

3.  Payment of late registration is now in effect for only returning students i.e., 200 - 500 levels, while that of new students will take effect at a later date

4.The Senate has approved the 17th of May 2021 as commencement date for the end of first semester exams. Consequently, this has necessitated the Senate to direct closure of the portal to allow for smooth preparations towards the forthcoming exams.

In this regard, students are hereby notified to disregard the misinformation that the current Management introduced the policy. The policy has been in place and the Senate has been enforcing it since it was introduced and students had complied accordingly over the years.

In view of the above, all concerned students are to note that the first semester exams will commence as scheduled and failure to be registered on the portal will render the student ineligible to participate in the exams.

While Management wishes all its law-abiding students’ good success in the exams, we employ every student to study hard and comply with the policies of the University.

Thank you

Information and Protocol Officer, ADSU

For: Management

7th May 2021